Slugline 1.2.1

In Slugline 1.2.0, we changed a lot under the hood in order to increase performance and pave the way for some exciting new features. In the process, we broke a few things. So instead of a stand-up-fight, this release is...

Another Bug Hunt

Slugline 1.2.1 is available now on the App Store. Here’s what we fixed:

  • Accent marks once again work the way they they shüd.
  • We fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.0 where Cut and Paste would stop working and beep at you annoyingly. Then we fixed another.
  • Centered text once again correctly previews and prints with any styling you may have applied (bold, italics, underlining).
  • Slugline once again remembers where you last were in your screenplay when you re-open it.
  • Whole-line Notes and Omits are once again removed from Preview and Print without leaving any telltale whitespace.
  • Kerning is now prettier in the Outline Panel.
  • Preview performance improvements.
  • Pasting text into the PDF name field works once again.
  • We’ve improved the accuracy of margins when printing.
  • Scroll bars are now prettier always.
  • Page break lines are drawn more accurately in Edit mode.
  • Slugline now warns you if you try to open a document with incompatible text encoding.

A double feature of Speed and Heat

We’re sorry to report that Slugline no longer turns your laptop into a convenient space heater.

In the name of increased performance, Slugline 1.2 was a bit too hungry for power. We reduced power consumption considerably in this update, and we’d like to make further improvements in this area. If you have feedback on Slugline’s power usage, please let us know!

Title Pages

Title Page elements can once again contain “empty” lines. This is accomplished by putting at least two spaces on the line that you wish to appear blank. In the below example, the Title and Contact values each contain one of these “bridging” lines that contains spaces, but appears blank in print.


  Steve Z.
  Aquatic Dreams Productions

  14 Marina Boulevard

We’ve also simplified the default Title Page that gets created when you choose Format → Add Title Page. We’ve omitted the “Credit” field, because it was leading to some confusion. If you want an accreditation other than the default “by”, you can add back the credit field by copy/pasting this example:

Credit: written underwater by
Author: Steve Z.

Got questions about creating more complex Title Pages? This post can help.

New Shortcuts for Converting Elements

We can never resist adding a few features too.

  • Use ⌘. to convert an element to a Scene Heading.
  • Use ⇧⌘. to convert an element to a Transition.

More to Come

I know I say this a lot, but there are some really exciting things coming for Slugline. Stay tuned!

We get some of the kindest and most thoughtful reviews on the App Store, for which we are beyond grateful. Each new release provides a blank canvas for these reviews, so if you’re feeling the love, please help spread the word about Slugline!

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