Slugline 1.3

Slugline version 1.3 is available now in the app store. This free update focuses on performance, Undo behavior, and bug fixes.

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Now, here’s what’s new in 1.3:

  • Performance! Slugline scrolls smoother and keeps up with your typing better, even on very large, complex documents.
  • Performance! Slugline should be less greedy with your laptop’s battery.
  • Undo now un-does blocks of typing, rather than one letter at a time.

Plus some little tweaks:

  • Typing the @ symbol, the trick for forcing a Character element, now brings up an auto-complete menu of any forced Characters already in your screenplay.
  • After pressing Return to choose a Scene Heading prefix (INT., EXT., etc.) from the auto-complete menu, the cursor now remains on the line, so you can keep typing your Scene Heading.

And some bug fixes:

  • Undo-ing the creation of a Character/Dialogue pair no longer inserts random garbage into your screenplay.
  • We fixed a potential memory leak. If you noticed Slugline’s RAM usage ballooning over time (especially on macOS Sierra), we expect this update to fix that.
  • When reverting to a saved document, the “Loading” spinner should go away now, rather than stay there for four to eight years.

Each new update provides a blank canvas for your generous reviews. We are always grateful when you share your feedback with us, either on the App Store or at here. Happy writing!

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Slugline 1.2.5

This update is all about one thing:

Touch Bar Support

Slugline 1.2.5 now supports the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar models.

With the Touch Bar, you can show and hide the Outline navigator, toggle Bold, Italics, and Underline styles, and switch between Edit and Preview mode.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

This update also fixes a bug where CONT'D would be printed in Courier, even if you chose Courier Prime as your font.

As always, each new update provides a blank slate for your eloquent reviews — so if you feel inspired, please share your feedback on the Mac App Store.

Stu MaschwitzUpdates
Slugline 1.2.3

Slugline 1.2.3 is a free update with some important bug fixes, improved pagination, and a handy new feature.

Force Uppercase

Choose Format → Force Uppercase (Option + Command + K) to convert an entire line to uppercase. Handy for formatting, as well as addressing that vague “more intensity” note from your producer.

Pages Count

We’ve greatly improved pagination in this release, fixing a slew of small bugs, and improving handling of widows and orphans. The subtle page break lines that guide your writing are now more accurate, especailly around Sections and Synopses, as well as forced page breaks.

And the Bug Fixes

  • Less crashing! We fixed a crasher bug where Slugline would helpfully insist that it was time to take a break from writing.
  • We fixed two different cases where Dual Dialogue would get scrambled. Don’t everybody thank us at once.
  • Outline text is no longer cut off by an “Always visible” scroll bar.
  • We fixed a rare case where an extra blank page could appear after the Title Page.

Update 2016-11-10

We just released Slugline 1.2.4, which fixes a bug with turning off Bold Scene Headings, corrects a cosmetic issue with scroll bars, and updates the Help documentation.

We are already hard at work on our next update. As always, we are grateful when you take the time to rate or or review Slugline!

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