Slugline for iOS 1.2 Supports Highland Files

We just released Slugline 1.2.0 to the App Store. Along with some important bug fixes, it has two exciting new features.

Support for the .highland Format

Highland 2 is a new and lovely Mac screenwriting app from screenwriter and Fountain co-creator John August. Although it is based on Fountain, it has its own file format with an extension of .highland. Slugline for iOS 1.2 can open and edit these files, making it the perfect mobile companion for Highland writers.

Files App

We also added support for Apple’s Files app in this update. You can enable Slugline as a location in Files, and browse/edit/move/rename your files there. You can also open Fountain (or .highland) screenplays in Slugline from any location in the Files app, and Slugline will edit them in place.

Bug Fixes

This update fixes a rare but nasty issue where text could get scrambled when returning to Slugline from another app. Slugline could also sometimes display gibberish when scrolling through very long documents, which is also now fixed.

If you write with an attached keyboard, Ctrl + Delete once again properly deletes what’s in front of the cursor.

Stu MaschwitzUpdates, iOS