How do I convert to/from Final Draft's FDX format?

Slugline's text-based Fountain files are directly supported by many apps and services, several of which can convert Fountain to and from other popular screenplay formats.


  • Screenplain is a free web service for converting Fountain files to the FDX format used by Final Draft.
  • Fountain Loader is a free web serive for converting Fountain to FDX. Import Fountain files from Google Drive, or your local storage.
  • Amazon Storywriter is a free, cloud-based writing environment that can import and export FDX, PDF, and Fountain.
  • You can often get great results by simply copying and pasting screenplay text into or out of Slugline. Here's a detailed guide on optimizing your plain text files for Slugline.
  • Highland is an OS X app that converts screenplays among FDX, Fountain, and PDF formats.
  • Several well-known screenwriting applications import and export Fountain files, including Fade In, Scrivener, and Storyist.
Stu Maschwitz