Slugline and Hexaflexagons

We're so confident that Slugline is the best, most distraction-free screenwriting app available, that we've given you a very distracting thing to play with.

It's called a Hexaflexagon. Hexaflexagons fold inside-out. Forever. They're like fidget spinners that can give you paper cuts.

The first thing to do with a flat hexaflexagon is fold it in half, corner to corner, and then unfold it back to flat. There are 3 different ways you can do this, so fold and unfold it all 3 ways.

Then, flip it over, and repeat the same three folds in the other direction, bending your first creases the opposite way.

Now that your folds are established, you can pinch one corner of the hexaflexagon, and push the opposite corner down towards the middle. This makes a 3D triangle thingee which unfolds from the top center, outward. Which unfolds from the top center, outward. Which unfolds from the top center, outward.

If the center doesn't open up, then you pinched the wrong corner. Just flatten it out, shift your pinch one corner, and then it should unfold for you.

The Slugline hexaflexagon is a trihexaflexagon, which has 3 sides - the two sides you see to begin with, and the third side that you see when unfolding the triangle thingee. Those 3 sides each have 2 different orientations, so there's technically 6 different views you'll get with this hexaflexagon.

Here's an awesome and famous video by Vi Hart showing hexaflexagon foldings, which also shows you how to make hexahexaflexagons.

If you heavily use your hexeflexagon, it might help to carefully add two more pieces of tape to hold down the little "Writing" and "Is Better" triangles.

Once you're tired of this, you can move on to making hexahexaflexagons, which have 6 sides instead of 3.

Now, good luck trying to justify this all as research.

Slugline - Distractions are fun. Writing is better.