Emphasis and Styling

To make text bold, select it and press the B button on the keyboard toolbar, or wrap it in **double asterisks.**

To create italics, press I, or wrap the text in *single asterisks.*

To underline, press U, or wrap in _underscores_.

For bold italics, just wrap the text in ***triple asterisks.***

If you have a keyboard attached, your familiar keyboard shortcuts work as well:

  • ⌘B for Bold
  • ⌘I for Italics
  • ⌘U for Underline

_*Don't hesitate* to mix and match **emphasis!**_

Emphasis doesn't work across line breaks, so these two lines won't be bold:


You have to emphasize each line separately:


Emphasis characters need to be alongside the emphasized text. The following does not display as italics:

The sign reads:* Beach Closed.*

To fix it, move the asterisk:

The sign reads: *Beach Closed.*


To convert text to UPPERCASE, select it and press the Cc button, or press ⌘K on your keyboard. Repeat this to cycle the selected text through UPPERCASE, lowercase, and sentence case.

When no text is selected, the Uppercase button will act on the current line.

Stu Maschwitz