Slugline for iOS allows you to outline your screenplay as you go, using only your keyboard, so you never stop writing.


Sections are structural markers that you can use to organize your work. To create one, just begin a line with a # pound sign. You can nest Sections by adding more pound signs:

# Act I

## Sequence 1 — This Section is *nested* beneath the one above, because it has one more #.

### Scene 5 — These are just lines you can type on, like any other.

All of your Sections are listed in the Outline Navigator, which you access with the button on the left side of the toolbar.

To end a Section, simply start a new one of any level.


Sections can optionally be followed by Synopses, which begin with an = equals sign.

#### Race to the Rooftop

= In this scene, our heroes must get to the top of the building before the bad guys. This is also where we learn of Lucy's dark past.

= You can have multiple Synopses. Add as many as you like.


= Synopses can also be added anywhere in a scene, like after a Scene Heading.

You can view Synopses in the Outline. Just tap the Aa button, and then make sure Synopses is turned on.

Tapping on a Section in the Outline Navigator will scroll the document to that Section.

Sections and Synopses are Invisible...

When you Preview or print your screenplay, Sections and Synopses disappear. They're just for you and your writing process, like invisible scaffolding.

...Unless You Don't Want Them to Be

When you're building your screenplay from the outline up, it's possible that the outline itself will be your working document for a while. You may want to print it or share it as a PDF. But Sections and Synopses don't print — unless you toggle on Print Outline Elements from the Doscument Settings found by tapping the document title.

When you toggle this on, Sections and Synopses will be visible in the Preview and in printed output. They will also affect the pagination, of course.

Printed Sections are designed to stand apart from the screenplay elements, but still appear as part of a cohesive document.

  • Level 1 Sections are uppercase, bold, and underlined.
  • Level 2 Sections are uppercase and bold.
  • Level 3 and lower Sections are Bold.

Sections and Synopses are outdented from the screenplay by half an inch.

Stu Maschwitz