Does Slugline have a Shot element?

Some screenwriting software supports the notion of a "Shot" element. While potentially useful in production (where scene numbers begin to take on meaning), when you're writing, this element is visually identical to a Scene Heading.

So for the creative screenwriting phase that is Slugline's focus, there's no need for a "Shot" element. Just use a forced Scene Heading, like this:


The bot dutifully makes its return voyage to the plastic bag, this time towing a cart which is loaded with C4 and a blasting cap, and a coil of unspooling detonation wire.

The robot hits a bump causing the blasting cap to tumble to the ground, where it begins to roll --


Everyone cringes. The cap doesn't explode. Close call.



The blasting cap has rolled into a gully, out of reach of the robot hand.
Stu Maschwitz