Slugline on iOS


Today is a big day.

Ever since we released Slugline, the most frequent request we’ve had was to get Slugline on iOS.

It took a long time, because we wanted to do it right. We realized that we needed to re-write scrolling, so it would be fast and smooth. We knew we had to speed up pagination. We wanted to support fancy new iOS 11 things like split-screen and drag-and-drop.

We did all those things. And now Slugline for iOS is available in the App Store for $19.99.

Some of our favorite things about Slugline on iOS:

  • Native sync with iCloud and Dropbox.
  • Intuitive, best-in-class outlining, just like on the desktop.
  • Dark mode, for going dark places.

So, if you’ve loved Slugline on Mac, we hope you’ll give it a try on iOS. If you like it, we’d be grateful if you’d spread the word, or maybe write a review. And if you have any suggestions for what we should be working on next, well, now you know we really are listening!

Slugline on iPhone X, notchurally.

Hello darkness my new friend.

Stu MaschwitzUpdates, iOS